Vagas de Executivo de Vendas no G7 Assessoria Previdenciária em São Paulo, SP

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A empresa G7 Assessoria Previdenciária está oferecendo oportunidades de emprego para a posição de Executivo de Vendas na região de SP. O tipo de trabalho que estamos oferecendo é Tempo integral.

Estamos buscando profissionais com habilidades em Vendas e Desenvolvimento de negócios e experiência em Pleno-sênior, além de serem honestos, disciplinados e responsáveis.

A remuneração oferecida pela empresa é competitiva, estimada em cerca de R$ 1.000 - R$ 3.000 (por Mês). No entanto, o valor do salário pode variar dependendo da decisão da empresa.

A G7 Assessoria Previdenciária atua no setor de Serviços de publicidade, e se você estiver interessado em se candidatar a essa vaga, pode se inscrever diretamente.

Informação de trabalho

Empresa:G7 Assessoria Previdenciária
Posição:Executivo de Vendas
Tipo de local de trabalho:On-site
Região:São Paulo - SP, SP
Função de trabalho:Vendas e Desenvolvimento de negócios
Nível de senioridade:Pleno-sênior
Tipo de Emprego:Tempo integral
Indústria:Serviços de publicidade

Descrição do trabalho

  • Job Title: Sales Executive – Real Estate Developer. Immediate start. Hiring format: Legal Entity (initially project-based). Model of operation: Full-time in-person. Desired areas of expertise: Sales, Marketing, Inbound Marketing. Desired industry segments: Real Estate Development, Property, and Construction. Previous roles held: Salesperson, Consultant, Sales Analyst, Closer, and Sales Executive. Working hours: Preferably Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with weekend and holiday shifts. Earnings: R$ 10,00.00 to R$ 23,00.00 with commissions.
  • Job Description: At Vivariun, a part of the Growth 7 Group, we are seeking sales enthusiasts to join our dynamic team as Sales Executives. Our commitment is not only to offer quality properties but also to build an inclusive and collaborative environment where people can thrive and be their best selves.
  • Key Responsibilities: As a Sales Executive at Vivariun, you will be part of the team that connects our clients with their property dreams. Your daily tasks will include: – Attending to in-person and phone-based customer inquiries, as well as managing leads through digital platforms. – Building strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and guiding them throughout the purchasing process. – Identifying business opportunities, suggesting buying and selling options, and conducting effective negotiations. – Collecting essential documents and reporting to senior teams. – Collaborating with departments such as Engineering, Legal, Finance, and Marketing. – Embracing the A.P.A. Culture principles (Learn + Practice = Advance), constantly learning and applying knowledge in daily work. – Managing the number of daily appointments and tracking lead conversion rates. – Presenting business closure rates. – Creating and following up on schedules. – Contributing to the team’s sales target. – Managing a portfolio of clients provided by Vivarium through proactive and responsive means. – Being responsible for both active and passive sales.
  • Mandatory Requirements: – Excellent communication and persuasion skills. – Entrepreneurial mindset and proactive approach. – Strong organizational and time management abilities. – Empathy and interpersonal skills to build lasting relationships. – Ability to work well within a team and collaborate with different departments. – Knowledge of the financial market and the ability to present relevant information. – Logical reasoning and analytical skills. – Experience in sales and negotiation. – Knowledge of consultative selling techniques. – Familiarity with CRM tools and lead management systems.
  • General Considerations: – Growth opportunity in an innovative and expanding developer. – Dynamic and challenging work environment. – Ongoing training in sales techniques and knowledge of the real estate market. – Flexible working hours with the possibility of weekend shifts. – Earnings composition: Regressive fixed amounts of R$ 10,00.00, R$ 8,00.00, and R$ 6,00.00 – 1st month: R$ 10,00.00, 2nd month: R$ 8,00.00, 3rd month: R$ 6,00.00, from the 4th month onward: R$ 3,00.00. – (Monthly earnings will consist of the guaranteed minimum and commissions, which can exceed the minimum guaranteed amount). – In-person position: Based in Vila Carrão, Tatuapé, and surrounding areas of São Paulo. – Holding a CRECI registration is not mandatory. – Availability to work on weekend and holiday shifts.
  • We are looking forward to meeting you. – Number of vacancies: 4 – Workplace: São Paulo, SP – Employment type: Service Provider (Legal Entity) – Schedule: Full-time – Professional area and specialization: Sales, External Sales – Hierarchical level: Manager
  • Requirements: – Minimum education level: High School (Secondary Education) – Valued: Experience of 5 to 10 years


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Informações do aplicativo de trabalho

As informações que fornecemos acima podem ser atualizadas repentinamente, continue procurando informações completas por meio do botão "Inscreva-se agora" ou no site oficial da empresa G7 Assessoria Previdenciária , para não encontrar eventos indesejados.

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Informações da Empresa

G7 Assessoria Previdenciária

G7 Assessoria Previdenciária is a Brazilian company that specializes in social security advisory services. With a team of experienced professionals, G7 Assessoria Previdenciária provides expert guidance and support to individuals seeking to understand and navigate Brazil’s complex social security system.

Whether it’s retirement planning, disability benefits, or pension claims, G7 Assessoria Previdenciária offers personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. The company’s comprehensive approach ensures that clients are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their social security benefits.

G7 Assessoria Previdenciária’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest regulations and trends in social security. This allows them to provide accurate and reliable advice, ensuring that clients receive the maximum benefits they are entitled to.

In addition to their advisory services, G7 Assessoria Previdenciária also offers assistance with administrative processes, acting as a liaison between clients and relevant government agencies. Their team handles all necessary paperwork and ensures that clients’ applications are processed efficiently and effectively.

With a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and personalized service, G7 Assessoria Previdenciária has established itself as a leading provider of social security advisory services in Brazil. Their mission is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their social security benefits, ensuring a secure and comfortable future.

Contact G7 Assessoria Previdenciária today to learn more about their range of services and how they can assist you in maximizing your social security benefits.

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